Working with NHSI: Employee Role

Primary Care Physician

The Primary Care Physician is primarily responsible for providing medical services for the patients of National Health Services, Inc., a community health center; in addition, the Primary Care Physician may be directed by the Associate Director of Medical Services to perform other duties in accordance with funding agencies requirements, contractual agreements, and policies, procedures, and protocols established by the National Health Services Board of Directors.

Licensed Vocational Nurse I, “LVN”

The LVN is part of the team concept in the clinical setting for the delivery of health care system at National Health Services, Inc., which is devoted to the delivery of primary care in an ambulatory setting with the emphasis on disease prevention and health maintenance. This individual works closely with the clinical staff, front desk personnel and other related departments.

Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner

The Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner has the responsibility for assessing patient conditions and implementing care consistent with Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner regulations of the State of California Medical Board. Duties will include but not be restricted to attending to patient care per protocol (developed in conjunction with the above regulations and M.D.). Participate in specific patient management, case conference and in-service training. Performs traditional duties in patient care as needed, and shares “on call” responsibilities with other providers (if appropriate). Requires independent judgment and discretionary decision making.

Medical Assistant

The person in this position is part of the team concept in the Center’s health delivery system, which is devoted to the delivery of primary care in an ambulatory setting with emphasis on prevention and health maintenance. Assist the R.N., L.V.N., and the clinical staff in performing their duties and carrying on the necessary functions required in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Front Office Clerk

This position is one of the most important functions in the healthcare delivery system and the first point where contact is made personally or by telephone. The person will receive the patient and direct them to the services needed. Making appointments and making preliminary assessment category of payment for patients are essential before provider can see them.

MFCC/LCSW/Social Worker – Behavioral Health Division

He/she shall have primary responsibility for coordinating all psychosocial community services under the general direction of the Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist. In accordance with policies, procedures and protocols established by NHSI standards of practice and licensing and certificate and other regulatory agencies requirements. Responsible for implementing community educational programs, assessing problems and determining appropriate types and methods of treatment, and implementing intervention methodologies; acts as Program Consultant to staff members with or without professional training; functions in such areas as counseling, protective services, and family services.