NHSI Wasco

Wasco Medical and Dental opened for business in November of 1990 beginning with medical services and added dental services in June of 1992.

Service area population is approximately 17,349 of which 69.0% are Hispanic as per KCED Corp. and U.S. Census 2000 (Tract 43-45, “4,337 LH”). About 11.9% speak little or no English and 47.3% are employed in agriculture and related businesses with an employment rate of approximately 34% throughout the year. Only 30% of the total population have an education level of the 9th grade or higher.

Our target number is to reach 8,500 users in the next three years. A large number of users in census (37-42) will use the Wasco operation. In 2005, services were provided to 7,654 medical and 1,881 dental users. Farm workers were 4,018 and 5,517 were others.


Wasco Medical & Dental Center
2101 7th Street
Wasco, California 93280