NHSI Delano

The operation started on November 29, 1993, in approximately 6,000 SF leased facility at the Farm Workers facilities just outside the City of Delano. In December 1998 we moved to our own facility of approximately 9,800 SF to provide medical services.

Dental services began in June 2001. The demographic and economic indicators are as follows; a population of 52,391 as per KCED Corp. and U.S. Census 2000 (Tract 46-50), 24% of the related industries, and 34% unemployment rates as an average which goes as high as 45% in the off season. Only 27.2% of the total population have an educational level of the 9th grade or higher.

In the 2005 calendar year, a total of 5,042 users received medical services and 1,267 received dental services, farm workers were 3,936 and 1,106 others. Our goal is to serve 6,000 users in the next three years, now we are 94.4% (6,000).


Delano Family Dental Center
215 Jefferson Street
Delano, California 93215

Joy CariƱo Kimpo Family Medical Center
1001 Main Street
Delano, California 93215